Tanzania Models produces professional model photography. Our photographer Javed Jafferji has extensive industry experience. We work with female models from over Tanzania and the Swahili Coast to create high quality modeling portfolios for books, magazines, catalogues and other creative projects.

Do you have the looks and body of an African female? We are currently looking for models to work with us on a current book project. (Please see the ?a href="our_projects.html">our projects?section)

About Javed Jafferji photography:
Javed Jafferji has lived in Tanzania, Pakistan and the UK, where he studied Photography, TV and Film at Paddington College and Salisbury College of Art & Design. His work has been featured in top international publications such as Newsweek, Sunday Times, Independent, Guardian, Swahili Coast and many other newspapers and magazines worldwide.

Javed held an exhibition at Londonís Commonwealth Institute entitled 'Zingadi Ke Rang' (Colours of Life) on Pakistan. He was the curator of an exhibition of historical photographs of Zanzibar in Paris at Le Bon Marche in 1999 and has had various exhibitions. Javed has been involved with over 40 books about Zanzibar and the Swahili Coast.
P.O. Box: 3181 Stone Town, Zanzibar. Email: gallery@swahilicoast.com
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